Making Democracy Work

Election Day

Information you need to know when you go to Vote!

Voting Problems

2008 primary election hotline

The Secretary of State's Office - Election Hotline - (800)829-6786; email

The U.S. Justice Department - (800)253-3931 or (202)307-2767

Disability Rights Mississippi - (800)772-4057


If you have a complaint about your voting experience, please complete a Help America Vote Act Complaint Form


Finding Your Polling Location

Q. Where do I vote? Refer to your voter registration card or ask your neighbor where they vote. Go to and enter your address to find your polling place. You may call your county Circuit Clerk. On ELECTION DAY call the League of Women Voters Hotline at 601-355-7495..

Making Voting A Breeze

l. Call ahead: Contact your Circuit Clerk's office (contact information found on your "County Election Information"<+ > to make sure you're registered to vote and find out where your polling place is.

2. Avoid the crowds: If you can, go to the polls during the off hours of 10:00am-11:30am and 1:30pm-3:30pm. Polls are less likely to be crowded then.

3. Take a friend to vote: Why go alone when you can take a friend or loved one to vote too?

Voting Machines

Get information about the new voting machines and practice using them at Touch & Vote. For further information, contact your Circuit Clerk's office or the Secretary of State's office at 1-800-829-6786.

Campaigning at the Polls & Poll Watchers

  • No campaign literature can be distributed or lobbying done within 150 feet of any entrance to the polling place.

  • Poll watchers must be appointed by the candidate in writing. Candidates may be poll watchers.

  • Poll watchers and other persons cannot do anything that hinders the progress of voters into the polling place.

  • Poll watchers must be assigned a position from which they can view the election process and challenge unqualified voters.

  • Any person creating a disturbance at the polling place shall be arrested. If assistance is required, the Manager/Bailiff should contact local law enforcement officers and request assistance.