Making Democracy Work

Representative Goverment: Voting Rights

The League supports an open government that is representative, accountable, and responsive to all citizens.

The League of Women Voters of Mississippi believes that:

  • action should be taken to protect the rights of every citizen to vote and to provide for administrative remedies for irregularities.

The League of Women Voters of Mississippi advocates for the:

  • promotion of honest and fair elections.
  • facilitation of the voter registration process by providing volunteer deputy registers for recognized community groups and by providing for the establishment for satellite registration places.
  • broadening of absentee ballot provisions to include vacations.
  • use of well marked public facilities for polling places.
  • development of a computerized State voter regulation system.
  • computerization of the statewide voter Registration List.
  • development of a statewide Administration complaint and procedure policy.
  • development of a statewide Election Day Hot Line.
  • provision of accessible voting for the elderly and the handicapped.
  • provision of statewide training and manuals for all election officials and poll workers.