Making Democracy Work

Representative Goverment: State Legislature

The League supports an open government that is representative, accountable, and responsive to all citizens.

The League of Women Voters of Mississippi:

  • supports reform to improve the legislative process, accountability, decision making, and responsiveness toward the needs of Mississippians.

To this end, the League of Women Voters of Mississippi:

  • supports establishing a joint Legislative Management Committee.
  • supports improving the research and drafting staff by hiring additional personnel with expertise in areas of major legislative concern.
  • supports reducing the number of committees.
  • supports establishing definite schedules for committee meetings.
  • supports posting Conference committee meeting times and room number on the state website.
  • supports systematic publishing of numbers and titles of bills to be considered.
  • supports installing automatic voting equipment in the Senate chamber.
  • supports moving up the deadline schedules on the calendar to avoid logjams at the end of the session.
  • supports reporting all bills out of committee onto the floor, each with a do or do not pass recommendation.
  • supports improving the decorum in both houses in order to facilitate better understanding of proceedings by observing public in the galleries and also by the Legislature.