Making Democracy Work

Natural Resources: Solid, Hazardous, and Nuclear Waste

The League reduction and reuse of wastes where possible and public notification of potential hazards, public review of practices, and public participation in waste management decision making. Specifically, the League:

  • Supports policies to reduce the generation and promote the reuse and recycling of solid and hazardous wastes

  • Supports policies to ensure safe treatment, transportation, storage, and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes in order to protect public health and air, water, and land resources

  • Supports planning and decision making processes that recognize suitable solid and hazardous wastes as potential resources

  • Supports policies for the management of civilian and military high- and low-level radioactive wastes to protect public health, and air, water, and land resources

  • Supports the establishment of state and local governments and citizens in siting proposals for treatment, storage, disposal and transportation of radioactive wastes

  • Supports full environmental review of treatment, storage and disposal facilities for radioactive wastes

  • Supports safe transport, storage and disposal of radioactive wastes

  • Opposes the permanent storage of nuclear wastes in the Mississippi salt domes

  • Urges full state wide public participation at all levels of decision making in these issues

  • Urges implementation of the citizen participation provisions of such laws as the National Environmental Policy Act and regulations governing all agencies involved including the mandatory hearing provisions established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.