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Natural Resources: Land Use - Wild and Scenic Rivers

The League supports the preservation of wild and scenic rivers with Mississippi. Specifically, the League:

  • Supports the state government's assumption of responsibility for preserving wild and scenic rivers within the state. Further supports application by the state for federal protection of streams considered wild or scenic under the federal Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
    - Such responsibility could be achieved by setting specific guidelines for protecting the scenic zone while private ownership is retained, purchasing the easement rights from willing land owners, or when absolutely necessary purchasing through eminent domain.
    - If private ownership is retained, support legislation which would provide protection of rights of the landowner by allowing him to appeal a designation yet continue existing agricultural practices that are not detrimental and ban trespassers.

  • Supports tax exemption on the easement lands.

  • Encourages public involvement through public meetings and use of local planners within the context of the overall state concern for the stream protections and development.