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League of Women Voters of the Jackson Area, Inc.

High School Registration Events 2017
The Jackson League, comprised of the Jackson metro area and the counties of Hinds, Madison, and Rankin, has a long history of engagement and advocacy. The Jackson League meets to listen to speakers from the community, to study local issues, to develop policy positions, to advocate for League positions, and to conduct voter service projects.

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Recent Events

  • Rep. Kathy Sykes reviewed the 2018 Mississippi legislative session at our Annual Meeting.

  • Nancy Loome of the Parents Campaign spoke on anti-public education bills being considered at the January 2018 Membeship Meeting

  • The "Be Counted" Voter Panel at MC School of Law was held Friday January 12, 2018. LWV-MS partnered with MS NAACP, MS Votes, Women for Progress in MS, and ACLU.

    *Beth Orlansky, an attorney with the Mississippi Center for Justice, discussed how voting is being suppressed by redistricting to give an advantage to one party and by lifetime disenfranchisement for many crimes. She also discussed things that can increase access to voting such as allowing pre-election voting and online voter registration---issues which will be before the legislature in 2018.

    *Robby Luckett, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, and Director of the Margaret Walker Center for the Study of the African American Experience at Jackson State University, was the speaker for the October 2017 LWVJA meeting. His topic was "Protests and Civil Discourse", followed by a brief discussion of what both mean. He cited several examples of the history of protest in the United States, going back to the Revolutionary War, and stated that protest can lead to civil discourse and greater understanding of an issue.

  • September 30, 2017 marked the 34th Wellsfest celebration in Jackson and continuing our tradition, LWV-JA participated in the festivities with a Voter Registration/Voter Information booth. This year, the team was headed by our new Vice President for Voter Services, Anna Ingebretsen Hall. Anna was ably assisted by Jan Watson, Marcia Weaver, Dierdre Payne, Natalie Maynor and Gene Everitt.

  • 9/17 Membership Meeting at Municipal Gallery. Members spoke on the history and their current involvements with the League.

LWVJA Officers 2017 - 2018

President: Carol Anderson
Vice President for Administration/Programs: Delores Lee
Vice President for Voter Service: Anna Ingebretson Hall
Secretary: Megan Tidwell
Treasurer: Gene Everitt
Membership Director: Elaine Talbott
The Voter Editor: Savina Schoenhofer
National Issues Director: Alice Skelton
State Issues Director: Annie Reiher

Public Relations Director: TBD
Social Media: Joy Parikh

Nominating Committee: Elaine Talbott, Chair; Nicki Green, Barbara Powell

LWVJA Bylaws

You may review the most recent edition of our Bylaws here.

Watch Bringing History to Life, a dramatization performed at the 2010 Annual Meeting: Part 1 and Part 2


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