Making Democracy Work

Social Policy: Health Care

The League supports equal rights and equal opportunity for all. The League promotes social and economic justice and the health and safety of all Americans.

The League supports access to adequate, appropriate health care including perinatal health care for all pregnant women and babies regardless of ability to pay.

  • Urges development of a system of perinatal health care that provides coordination of outpatient and inpatient services between private and public health providers. Public health departments should offer services to all pregnant women and infants regardless of ability to pay. All pregnant women should have access to services of a physician or nurse practitioner knowledgeable in obstetrics. All people should have access to hospitals that take maternity patients and infants.

  • Supports funding perinatal health care for those who cannot pay by utilizing local, state and federal sources, and by matching state funds with federal funds.

  • Supports expansion of the Medicaid program by the legislature to include all very low-income children and their mothers regardless of marital status.